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Step by step courses for becoming a job ready web developer

From a dropout to getting a job as a programmer - a path-breaking journey that AltCampus made me successful in. Profound learning! It's the most well designed course I have ever taken.

Prasanth Chaduvula
Prasanth Chaduvula
Start from scratchReal world Project based 100% online

Master full-stack web development with the best courses on the internet. From zero to job-ready in MERN stack in just 6 months.

Our numbers speak for themselves

Get a Job After Course Completion

Projects to Build

188 Hours
Of Bite Sized Video Content

Meet some of our graduates

Graduates of our courses work at

  • ClearTax
  • Fampay
  • Ernst & Young
  • BigBinary
  • LocoNav
  • Mclarencollege

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What you are going to learn

Most in-demand
skills to be a
Software Developer

Are you ready to become a full-stack web developer? Our courses cover the most in-demand programming skills of today. With our comprehensive curriculum, you'll learn React, Express JS, Node JS, and Mongo DB – the trifecta of web development known as the MERN stack.

MERN Course Stack

By mastering these powerful tools, you'll be equipped to tackle any project and impress potential employers. Join us and take your skills to the next level!

A life changing investment! From zero to deployment, AltCampus full stack MERN course teaches you everything.

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Learn MERN stack web development by building projects
Learn by doing. Less theory, more practice

Step-by-step, hands on project based learning

Our assignments and projects help you learn by building small, real world usecases with progressively increasing complexity.

Learn by building projects like chrome extension, e-commerce store, blogging app and more.

No catching up with others, learn at your own pace
Hurry is worry. No catching up with others

Your speed may vary. Learn at your own pace

Our courses are well thought out and pre-recorded, allowing you to move at your own pace and doing it whenever you want - day or night, part-time or full-time. No catching up with a cohort.

To keep you on track, our custom learning platform tailors todos for you depending on how many hours you want to put in everyday.

Don't be stuck, community Forum to answer your queries
Don't be stuck. Get the help you need

Community Forum to answer your queries

Our courses are thorough and pretty comprehensive. However, when stuck you can ask your queries in the community forum where other students and instructors will answer them.

We encourage students to connect with other students, seek help and help others to make it an immersive learning experience.


Feel proud to have done this amazing course. AltCampus provided me a platform to realize my potential, to take a step-by-step approach with keen focus on learning and building stuff.

The countless assignments and projects that I did made me a confident and job ready developer. Extremely proud of being an alumni of AltCampus and grateful for whatever & wherever I am today.

Komal Raj KheloMore Sports Private Limited Mumbai

Our wall of love

Finally, I got placed as React developer. this would have not possible without the help and guidance of @AltCampus,@nnnkit,@suraj_122,@ravi11o, and @dprank. When I started my journey with #altcampus I didn’t even know about HTML. Now, its like dream come true #Altcampus
I just convinced my brother to quit on the college path and rather apply for something like @AltCampus :)
I started learning web development when one of my friend got placed at @BigBinary. And finally today I joined the company. Since 01-12-2019, what a journey ☺️ Maja aa Gaya 🥳 Thanks to @AltCampus @nnnkit @dprank @ravi11o @suraj_122 and batch-17 ke bhaiyo aur behno 🤗
@dev_Ayush18 @ImZackAdams @AltCampus Harvard vs Altcampus, I will choose altcampus, no exaggeration, I mean it.
My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the Mentors @dprank @suraj_122 @nnnkit @ravi11o of @AltCampus for their efforts & to impart quality resources for Full stack development. I'm very grateful to them for effectively and sincerely helping me to grab the first-ever opportunity.
A drop-out who was struggling and clueless about the future to a Software Developer. This wonderful community @altcampus changed the whole course of my life. The friendship and memories I created here I will cherish it forever. #altcampus #bootcamp #javascript #freeCodeCamp
I would like to say that I'm finally a Software Engineer. The dream has been fulfilled of being one. Thank you @AltCampus for helping me in this journey and also for everyone who has helped me along the way Best Mentors: @nnnkit @dprank @suraj_122 @ravi11o Best Place: AltCampus
I cannot believe that I got a job, still thinking that it is a dream ! But this will not be possible without the support of @AltCampus and all the mentors @nnnkit @suraj_122 @ravi11o @dprank . I don't have words to thank them. They are the best.🍀
Placed as a full-stack dev in a reputed organization. This is all possible because of @AltCampus. If someone wanted to become a real software developer, I recommend them to go to @AltCampus. I am thankful to my mentors. @suraj_122 @nnnkit @ravi11o @dprank #altcampus #Altcampus

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In case you still have questions…

  • Who is it for?

    AltCampus offers web development courses for recent college graduates, students taking gap year, dropouts, professionals looking to switch careers, wannabe indiehackers or just anyone interested in learning web development. No prior programming knowledge required.

  • Is this course self-paced or cohort based?

    It's a self-paced course. The entire course content is pre-recorded and you can go at your own and can learn part-time or full-time, in day or night.

  • How does AltCampus help me get a job?

    AltCampus has modules dedicated on how to go about building resume and portfolio, how to prepare for interviews, and how to do job hunting. It makes finding jobs easier.

  • Do I have to take the entire full-stack course?

    No, you can take individual specific skill based courses like HTML & CSS, Core JavaScript, React.js or Node.js. You can also take tracks like Frontend Development, Backend Development or Fullstack MERN Web Development.

  • Is the course offline or online?

    The course is completely online. You can take the course from anywhere in the world.

  • Are there any live sessions?

    No, there are no live sessions. Everything is pre-recorded. If you have queries you can ask in forum where community will answer your questions.

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AltCampus offers web development courses for recent college graduates, students taking gap year, dropouts, professionals looking to switch careers, wannabe indiehackers or just anyone interested in learning web development. No prior programming knowledge required.

AltCampus breaks the myth that you need a professional qualification to be a software developer. I was a CA dropout with no programming experience and currently I am working in a reputed company. This says all.

What awaits you inside

Step by step video content

188 hours of bite sized, step-by-step video content

With 188 hours of expertly crafted bite-sized, step-by-step video content, you'll have everything you need to master the ins and outs of full-stack web development.

Learn at your own pace, build skills and launch your dream career on your own schedule.

Learn by doing, 200+ exercises and projects

Followed by 200+ exercises and projects

In addition to extensive video content, our program includes over 200 hands-on exercises and real-world projects that help you build practical skills and apply it in real-world scenarios.

By the time you complete the course, you'll have a robust portfolio to showcase to potential employers.

A dedicated module on landing your dream job

A dedicated module on landing your dream job

Our program includes a dedicated module on portfolio building and job hunting to help you launch your career as a full-stack web developer.

You'll learn how to create an impressive portfolio and get our tips for navigating the job market and landing your dream job.

Hands down the best course I have ever done. From not knowing anything about web development to landing a great job, AltCampus' detailed course content, and projects made me a skilled web developer and helped me build a good portfolio that got me a job.

Abhishek Kumar