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Pricing Policy

The price of courses on AltCampus is based on a number of factors. Thus, AltCampus reserves the right to change the price of the courses depending on variation in such factors at its sole discretion. In certain instances, the price of a course displayed on AltCampus’s website may be different from what is displayed on AltCampus’s marketing material, due to changes in pricing systems and policies implementing sales and promotions of the courses. In case of such conflict, the prices mentioned in the website should be considered final.

A user registering with AltCampus (‘User’) may have the option to opt for a Free Trial (as defined below) or pay the course fee at the time of registration. AltCampus may offer a free trial period of 3 (three) days (‘Free Trial Window’) for the specified courses (‘Free Trial’). If free trial is available, the Free Trial Window shall commence from the date from which the access to the course is granted to the User and shall expire after the expiration of 3 (three) days from the date of such access. Upon the expiration of the Free Trial Window, the access to the course will be terminated by AltCampus unless the User shall have made full payment associated with the courses (‘Course Fee’) to AltCampus. The Course Fee is as follows:

Full Stack Web Development Course

i. Study Material Access - at USD 749 (exclusive of additional charges)

The Users is required to make full payment of the Course Fee in lump sum at the time of purchasing the course/ enrolling for the course.

The prices may also differ due to one or a combination of the following factors:

The User agrees to pay the fee for the course, at the time of purchase and authorize AltCampus to charge its debit card or credit card or process other means of payments (including mobile wallets and UPIs). The User agrees not to make use of an unauthorized or invalid payment method to make a purchase with AltCampus. In the event of failure of a payment method, if the User still gets access to the course, the User agrees to pay the equivalent fee within 3 days from receipt of a notice from AltCampus. AltCampus reserves the right to disable the User’s access to the course for which complete payment is not received by AltCampus. AltCampus collaborates with third party payment processing partners to offer the most convenient methods to a User depending on the country where such User is located. User is requested to check out AltCampus’s Privacy Policy for more information.

As stated above, the price may change depending on the policies of AltCampus. The price offered for the course may be different when a User logs in to account from the price available to Users who haven’t logged in or do not have an account with AltCampus, because some of AltCampus’s promotions may be available to only new Users.