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Wall Of Love

Finally, I got placed as React developer. this would have not possible without the help and guidance of @AltCampus,@nnnkit,@suraj_122,@ravi11o, and @dprank. When I started my journey with #altcampus I didn’t even know about HTML. Now, its like dream come true #Altcampus
I just convinced my brother to quit on the college path and rather apply for something like @AltCampus :)
I started learning web development when one of my friend got placed at @BigBinary. And finally today I joined the company. Since 01-12-2019, what a journey ☺️ Maja aa Gaya 🥳 Thanks to @AltCampus @nnnkit @dprank @ravi11o @suraj_122 and batch-17 ke bhaiyo aur behno 🤗
@dev_Ayush18 @ImZackAdams @AltCampus Harvard vs Altcampus, I will choose altcampus, no exaggeration, I mean it.
My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the Mentors @dprank @suraj_122 @nnnkit @ravi11o of @AltCampus for their efforts & to impart quality resources for Full stack development. I'm very grateful to them for effectively and sincerely helping me to grab the first-ever opportunity.
A drop-out who was struggling and clueless about the future to a Software Developer. This wonderful community @altcampus changed the whole course of my life. The friendship and memories I created here I will cherish it forever. #altcampus #bootcamp #javascript #freeCodeCamp
I would like to say that I'm finally a Software Engineer. The dream has been fulfilled of being one. Thank you @AltCampus for helping me in this journey and also for everyone who has helped me along the way Best Mentors: @nnnkit @dprank @suraj_122 @ravi11o Best Place: AltCampus
I cannot believe that I got a job, still thinking that it is a dream ! But this will not be possible without the support of @AltCampus and all the mentors @nnnkit @suraj_122 @ravi11o @dprank . I don't have words to thank them. They are the best.🍀
Placed as a full-stack dev in a reputed organization. This is all possible because of @AltCampus. If someone wanted to become a real software developer, I recommend them to go to @AltCampus. I am thankful to my mentors. @suraj_122 @nnnkit @ravi11o @dprank #altcampus #Altcampus