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React.js Mastery - From Basic To Advanced

Learn to build quality, interaction rich, real-world applications with React.js, from basic to advanced concepts with our React.js Mastery course.

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Skills that you will learn in this course

Unix & Git

Learn the basics of Unix and some handy Shell commands. Get the power of Git too!

Unix & Git
Module0-1 weeks

React.js Fundamentals

Do magical stuff in your browser, with ease. Be warned, this could be addictive. It's hard to go back once you wield the power of React.

React.js Fundamentals
Module7-13 weeks

Advanced React.js

Learn to manage the affairs in the browser like a pro. Might take some time getting used to.

Advanced React.js
Module1-3 weeks

AltCampus is an experience and life changing journey for me. It shaped my thought and I learnt to focus on process. Mentors helped me to learn coding from zero to professional level. Thankyou AltCampus for opening door to new horizons.

Ashik Raj
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