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Refund Policy

The information provided below will help a User to understand our refund deadlines and policies.

A User, who has not in the past 3 days availed the Free Trial, shall be entitled to a refund of 90% (ninety percent) of the course fee paid upon a valid refund request raised within 3(three) days from the date of payment - except for HTML & CSS specific skill course. There are no refunds for HTML & CSS course once you buy it.

A User who has availed a Free Trial as specified in thePricing Policy, any time during the preceding 3 days, shall not be entitled to any refund. It is clarified that if any User makes payment during the subsistence of the Free Trial Window, such User shall not be entitled to any refund. AltCampus reserves the right to reject a refund request if in its view the User has not furnished any reason for seeking a refund or has not furnished any valid refund request.

The refund request shall be raised in the form and manner specified in this refund policy (‘Specified Manner’). Any refund request not raised in the Specified Manner shall be treated as null and void and AltCampus shall at its sole discretion be entitled to proceed or not proceed with such refund.

In respect of this refund policy, the Specified Manner shall mean the refund request raised by the User by sending an email with subject matter “Refund Request” to, specifying the User Name, the course details, the date of payment and the reason for seeking refund. AltCampus shall refund the money to the original payment method, at its discretion, depending on the policies of AltCampus’s payment processing partners, the platform through which the course was purchased (Website), and other factors.

Except as specified in this Refund Policy, AltCampus shall not be obligated to provide refund to the Users.

Notwithstanding the foregoing and unless explicitly stated otherwise, if a purchase is made by a User through third party marketplace (e.g. purchase made through alternative payment services or through Google play store or Apple App store or any third party educational course marketplace) (‘Third Party Marketplace’), the terms and conditions and the refund policy applicable to such Third Party Marketplace shall apply. The refund process shall be governed by the refund policies of such Third Party Marketplace and such Third Party Marketplace shall be solely responsible for making such refunds. AltCampus hereby disclaims all responsibilities or liabilities arising out of such Third Party Marketplace’s refund policy or the third party’s compliance or non-compliance with its refund policy.

Please note that AltCampus views and treats violations of its Terms of Use very seriously and shall have no obligation to offer refunds to Users who violate such terms, even if the refund request is made within the designated refund period as specified above.