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Prerequisites for Learning MERN Stack

Before starting the MERN stack development course

  • you should have a basic understanding of fundamental languages used by the browser and the server.
  • You should be confident in designing and stlying web pages using HTML & CSS.
  • Fundamental concepts of Javascript should be clear and should also be familier with DOM(Document Object Model) in browser.
  • You should be able to work with unix based shell commands.
  • Basic understanding of Node/express will speed up the learning process but is not recommended.

Here, I am going to list few fundamental concepts from Unix, HTML, CSS and Javascript for developers who want to start their journey as MERN Stack devs.

1. Unix Shell Commands

These are few unix commands which every developer should be familiar with. They help in adding, listing, navigating, editing and deleting files and folders through command line.

  • ls
  • cd
  • cat
  • mkdir
  • rm/rmdir
  • touch
  • grep

2. HTML/ Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Web and HTML & CSS
  • Box Model
  • Positioning
  • Flexbox
  • Typography
  • Adding Media, Lists, Tables, Forms
  • Responsive Web Design

3. Javascript Fundamentals

  • Value, Variable and types
  • Functions
  • Data Structure (Arrays and Objects)
  • Array and String methods
  • Debugging & Chrome Developer Tools
  • Introduction to DOM
  • DOM and Events
  • Higher order functions
  • Scope & Closure

Once you have covered these topics then you can are ready to learn entire MERN stack.

If you are someone who is new to all of this, take a look at our course which takes you from absolute scratch to becoming a full-stack developer.

AltCampus helps you learn faster by inculcating these systems as part of the learning model. ๐Ÿ™Œ


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