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Prerequisites for learning React JS

ReactJS is a JavaScript library for making user interfaces. While learning, you will be using other web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So, to learn about ReactJS properly you should be familiar with the following technologies:

  • HTML and CSS
  • Fundamentals of Javascript, ES6 and beyond
  • Node and NPM

Now, that we know the different technologies that we need before learning ReactJS let's look at these in a bit more detail.


These are the following concepts that you need to know in HTML:

  1. Different HTML element for headings, lists, images, links, forms etc
  2. Nesting elements
  3. HTML Semantic Elements like header, nav, footer, section etc
  4. Element attributes like class, id, src, href etc
  5. Building structure using multiple HTML elements


These are the following concepts that you need to know in CSS:

  1. Different types of selectors like type, class, id etc
  2. Grouping selectors
  3. Cascading nature of CSS
  4. Calculating Specificity
  5. Common CSS properties for color, length, background etc
  6. Box Model
  7. Positioning
  8. Flexbox
  9. Typography
  10. Handling Media, Lists, Tables, Forms


Being a better ReactJS engineer is fully dependent on how well you understand different JavaScript concepts. The better you are with JavaScript, the better you will understand and use React. These are the following JavaScript concepts you should master before learning ReactJS:

  1. Values and different types
  2. Functions as first-class citizens in JavaScript
  3. Operation on data structures like array and object
  4. Array, String, and Function methods
  5. Callback and Higher order functions
  6. Scope and Closure
  7. Basics of DOM
  8. Prototypal nature of objects
  9. Understanding 'this' keyword
  10. Prototypal inheritance
  11. ES6 Class
  12. 'this' keyword and DOM
  13. Event Loop
  14. Promises
  15. Async/Await
  16. Declarative vs Imperative programming
  17. Spread and Rest operators
  18. ES Modules
  19. Node package manager

Node and NPM

While you will be working with ReactJS you will be using a lot of external packages created by the community for different use-cases. For this you need to understand the following things about how Node and NPM works:

  1. What is Node?
  2. How does NPM work?
  3. Initializing a folder with NPM
  4. Installing external packages using NPM

If you are someone new to all of this, take a look at our course which takes you from absolute beginner to becoming a full-stack developer and getting your first developer job. It includes everything (assignments, video lectures, quizzes, interview questions and job prepration) you will need for your journey of becoming a full-stack developer.

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