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Komal's journey of choosing a different path, learning to code from AltCampus, and finally becoming a software developer.

Komal Raj, one of our Alumni, after completing the AltCampus course got placed at Khelomore as a Software Developer.

In a conversation with one of our team members, she talks about her learning experience at AltCampus as a first batch student, community support, mentorship and placements.

Komal shares about learning to code at AltCampus, getting first job and advice for newbies.

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Here's the brief transcript of the conversation

Komal Raj was about to join a Masters degree when her brother suggested to join AltCampus. But she was not sure that she would get a good job with great salary, without a masters degree, especially as a fresher. But her perspective changed soon.

After a week at AltCampus her confidence was boosted. And she realized that getting a job in any company needs skills first, rather than having a Bachelors or Masters degree, which is exactly what AltCampus is mainly focusing on.

She liked the mentorship and the community support which helped her to land her dream job within 6 months after joining AltCampus.

In comparison to a traditional college education, AltCampus is a far better way through which everyone can gain competitive skills and become job-ready

AltCampus provides quality content, mentorship, peer support system, and placement support to help you land a job like Komal 🚀