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Why Should You Learn MERN Stack ?

Learn one language and write everywhere - JavaScript

  • Using Javascript for both front-end and back-end reduces the learning time and cost significantly as you don't need to learn any other language for separate client and server side applications.

  • MERN Stack resources are easily accessible, quick to learn and costs very little to get started.

  • You can create full stack applications, mobile applications using React native, desktop applications using elecion - All you need is Javascript.

  • All libraries/tools used in MERN stack are sufficient enough to develop a full fledged software application.

  • MongoDB as the database uses JSON(Javascript Object Notation) format to store and manage data which is standard now a days for exchange of information in a full-stack application from client to server and vice-versa, can be easily integrated in MERN Stack applications.

  • MERN stack libraries and components are highly scalable on their own. Express is designed keeping scalability in mind. MongoDB can scale horizontally jsut by adding multiple servers. React components are small, composable and infinitely scalable.

  • MERN stack is gaining popularity compared to MEAN stack due to easy learning curve, accessibility of resources and massive scaling factor.

MERN Stack facilitates the MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture that makes the web development process execute smoothly.

In a full-stack MERN applications:

  1. Models -> Database related operations handled by mongoDB
  2. Views -> React frontend which renders the UI
  3. Controllers -> ExpressJS back-end which handles the logic part

Community & Support

  • Javascript has the largest developer community for help and support.

  • It has wide range of external, open-source public/private libraries and packages available via NPM for variety of use cases.

  • It has highly available, easily integable testing tools like Jest, Mocha, Chai etc... for faster debugging and troubleshooting.

The most interesting part of being MERN Stack developer is learning react for UI development.

  • React is easy to learn as it combines HTML and Javascript concepts with some additional concepts.
  • React is composed of small components which can be created once and used in multiple applications.
  • React native, a component derived from React can be used for mobile apps development as well.

AltCampus helps you learn faster by inculcating these systems as part of the learning model. ๐Ÿ™Œ


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