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10 Full Stack Beginner Project Ideas for Learning MERN Stack

There are plenty of full stack projects ideas for beginners on MERN stack available. We have listed a few interesting beginners projects to learn fullstack web development along with some details for getting started.

1. Travel Log App

This fullstack web application will allow people to share their travel experience to a community of other travellers using this application.

This app will allow people to:-

  • Browse travel experience of other people
  • Add their own experience
  • Travellers can add multiple factors about an experience
    • location
    • images for locations
    • cost of travel
    • heritages of the location
    • places to visit
    • access of community, ease of transportation, safety etc...

2. Personal Project Management Tool

  • This project can help you gather all your learning projects in one app. You can use MongoDB database for storing all project details like project name, details, url link, github repository etc.
  • Using React, create webpages where you can list all the projects.
  • Express application linked to mongoDB database can serve data to React application

3. Public Blog App

Create a blog application where users can

  • Login/Signup to the application
  • Create articles
  • View list of all the articles
  • Edit/Delete his/her own articles
  • Add categories, tags and filters to list blog page
  • Follow other article authors
  • Favorite/like articles
  • Add comment to the articles

You can view this Github repo for more details.

4. E-Commerce Website/Shopify Clone

This application will have 2 seperate interfaces.

  • A user facing application
  • An admin dashboard for managing products

Users can do following things on this application:

  • Login/Register for visiting application
  • Browse through different products
  • Filter products based on category, price etc..
  • Like/review products
  • Add them to cart/wishlist
  • Edit/Delete his/her account

Admin can do following tasks on admin dashboard

  • Add/list products
  • Update product details, quantity etc..
  • View list of all the users
  • Block/unblock a particular user

5. Bookstore Library & Stock keeping app

This is an online library mamangement app where users can rent books for a specific time, like them and can also review books. This will have 2 interfaces.

  • User Inerface
  • Admin Interface

Users registered for this application can

  • browse books from the library
  • filter them based on category, author, publcations etc..
  • Pay & Rent them for a specific duration
  • Like/Review them

Admin of this application can

  • List/manage books
  • Track rented books and thier availability
  • Send notifications via email to users once lease expires

6. Social Media App for local handicrafts

If you are interested in local handicrafts, you may show your love by allowing local people to share their creations using this application.

Social media app where people can connect with other people, view local handicrafts being created in the area, share their own creatings etc...

7. Task Management Tool

If you are a daily todo person, you can create this app for others to manage thier daily tasks.

In this application, Users can

  • Login/Register to the application
  • Add daily tasks for themselves
  • Assign a due date of completeion
  • Mark them as complete/incomplete
  • View weekly/monthly statistics of thier todos.

8. Workout Tracker App

For the gym freaks, this applicatio will allow interface to

  • Access wide range of exercise options
  • Add your own set of exercises
  • Add your weekly/daily schedule
  • View workout routine of others
  • Ask workout related queries through a forum

9. Realtime Chat App

Create a real time chat application using where users can

  • Login/Signup to access the application
  • Invite people using emails
  • create chat rooms
  • Add one-o-one chat with other users

Use this link for realtime application details.

10. Hospital Management App

This apppliation will help patients:

  • View list of doctors from different speciality
  • View availbale surgeries/therapies options
  • Schedule an appointment at a particular time
  • View application progress status
  • Get medical reports

This will help doctors

  • View thier appointments
  • Show thier availability for the hospital
  • Track patients application status

Hope this helps you in generating ideas on what to build to get better as a fullstack developer. If you liked this article, you might want to take a look at the ultimate guide to MERN stack.

AltCampus helps you learn faster by inculcating these systems as part of the learning model. ๐Ÿ™Œ


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